About Mr. Steve & Miss Katie

Mr. Steve & Miss Katie write fun songs for kids that grownups also enjoy. They blend positive messages with upbeat sing-and-dance-along songs, often teaching lessons throughout their music. Inspired by their own children, their songs are always kid friendly and often based on fun topics such as trains, smiling, moving and playing, cleaning up, farm animals, saying please and thank you and more.


Mr. Steve & Miss Katie write, produce, record and mix all of their own music in their home studio. However, they wouldn’t sound as good as they do without the help of their awesomely talented friends, as follows (check out the instagram feed for photos!):


Fake Chapter Records

Jerry Rehm – Voice of the train conductor

Jump City Music

Bob Wagner – Trumpet & horn arrangements

Jon C. Gardner – Horn arrangements

Matt Fischer – Trombone

Brian Adamczyk – Tenor & baritone sax, flute & clarinet

Tyler Gill – Additional electric guitar

Rebekah Massey – Harp

Nicole Scorsone – Violin

Megan Lazovick, Christie Melillo Bowles, Jessica Kirwan-Shaw, Michael Piperno & Jim Kerrigan – Claps & backup vocals

Chris Smith – Electric bass

Imbue Creative – Creative Consulting/ branding

Pat Achilles – Art illustration for both CDs

Mr. Steve & Miss Katie (fun music for kids) SMILE